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Things to do in your Long Subaru: Salem Witch Museum

 As Fall time approaches us in New England, what better time of the year to visit Salem, Massachusetts! Famous for its rich history, the infamous witch trials, beautiful sites, and historical landmarks, Salem is the perfect Fall destination.


Transform yourself back to 1692 in Salem Village, the prime time of the Salem Witch trails. The Salem Witch Museum examines one of the most enduring and emotional events in American History, the Salem Witch trials of 1692. Visitors are welcome to read actual trial documents, and experience the drama of the trails time through thirteen life-size stage sets, figures, and a haunting narration describing the web of lies and stereotypes that started the infamous “Witch Hunt”.


A live exhibit guides visitor’s through changing interpretations of witches, the truth behind the stereotypes, witchcraft practice today and the frightening phenomenon of witch hunting.


The museum is open year-round, except for holidays. Open from 10-5 pm, the museum suggests reserving an hour to get the full extent of the museum’s history. Adults are $13, senior citizens $11, and children (6-14 yrs.) are $10.


Learn more about the history that happened right in your New England backyard this Fall season!


For more information, please visit The Salem Witch Museum Website