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Things to do in your Long Subaru: Hallett’s Store

Transform yourself back in time as you step into the doors of Hallett’s Store in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts. Open since 1889, Hallett’s is a functioning piece of New England history serving your favorite vintage soda from the fountain, classic, delicious ice-cream sundaes, and hot meals!

Hallett’s opened in 1889 for business, first serving as an apothecary and drugstore. Eventually, the store started selling home-cooked meals and added their notorious soda fountain! Although no longer a drugstore, the store still serves food and treats to this day!

The store has not changed since its opening and features its original marble counters with stools, retro toys and trinkets, as well as the original soda fountain and ice-cream makers. Hallett’s staff can make you a homemade ice-cream soda, malt, milkshake or frappe, and a soft serve ice-cream cone. Hallett’s store also has their own bottled soda fresh from their fountain! They offer a variety of flavors from black cherry to lime-rickey and cream soda. 

The food here keeps to its home-made, simple ways. You can expect pancakes, yummy sandwiches, breakfast meals, coffee, and sweet desserts! 

 For more information, Hallett’s Store is available on Facebook at Facebook.com/Hallet1889/