Things to do in your Long Subaru: Buffumville Dam

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Things to do in your Long Subaru: Buffumville Dam 
Looking for a local place to hike and enjoy outdoor activities with the family? Buffumville Dam is just a hop and a skip from Long Subaru, located in the next town over (Oxford, Ma). Dog friendly, family approved, and well maintained, Buffumville Dam is the perfect location to enjoy a spring day with loved ones.

Buffumville offers a number of activities including 30 different disk golf holes, walking trails, a boating ramp for canoes, kayaks and motorboats, a picnic area with grills, fishing areas, and arches of beautiful land to play on and enjoy. The walking trail also wraps around the beautiful water front surrounding the dam. 

Whether your looking for a place to hike, play disc golf, or enjoy the weather and the scenery, Buffumville is the perfect spot for your family this spring time.

The Dam is open all year-round sunrise to sunset, and parking is free.
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