Second Chance Animal Shelter

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Second Chance Animal Shelter 
Second Chance Animal Shelter has helped over 37,400 pets find a home, provides them with the proper heath needs such as spaying and neutering, and high veterinary care with full-service veterinary care and licensed veterinarians and caring staff.  Their goal is to provide a temporary shelter for abandoned or stray animals in hopes of finding a new, loving home. Making sure your pet is up to date and healthy, Second Chance truly does give these animals the second chance they deserve.

Second Chance Animal Shelter will be at Long Subaru on May,18, 2019 for our annual Love-A-Pet Event! Come enjoy some wonderful animal related local businesses, contests, and prizes during our 10th annual family friendly FREE community event! For more information about the Love-A-Pet event, please visit Long Subaru's event page! 
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