Greyhound Rescue of New England

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Greyhound Rescue of New England 
Greyhound Rescue of N.E., Inc. is a small non-profit organization founded in 1999. Their goal is to find homes for retired racing Greyhounds. These sweet, loyal dogs make wonderful pets and adapt well to home life when granted the chance. If given love and the proper care, they can live as long as 14 years, and make a great companion in return! They place dogs in Mass. and R.I. as well as all over New England. The Greyhound Rescue of NE is the perfect place to adopt a new furry friend to add to your family. “Greyhounds are always "greytful" to their new family.”

Greyhound Rescue of New England will be at Long Subaru on May, 18, 2019 for our annual Love-A-Pet event! Come enjoy some wonderful animal related local businesses, contests, and prizes during our 10th annual family friendly FREE community event! For more information, please visit Long Subaru's event page! 
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