Things to do in your Long Subaru; The Brimfield Antique Show


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Things to do in your Long Subaru; The Brimfield Antique Show


Open since the early 1950s, the Brimfield Antique Show has been a great place for collectors alike, and is the largest and well-known outdoor antique show in the country. Located on Rt. 20, the show runs for over half a mile with over a thousand dealers planted within, showcasing a variety of neat little trinkets and art to give a home too. The show has so many nick-knacks that it takes more than a day to navigate. With a wide variety of different food and snack options, and many unique items to look at, the Brimfield Antique show is not one to miss.

The show has been a popular spot for people including famous celebrities and townies alike. The town of Brimfield looks forward to their Antique Show each year, watching as thousands of people crowd the fields and apricate the fine arts and unique findings.

Taking place through May 14-19, and later in July 9-14 and Sept 3-8, The Show features a fun, carnival like atmosphere perfect for all ages! In the center of the show you will find the New England Motel, which is the largest and most popular food place in the area. There will also be a wide variety of food booths as well as foot carts throughout the show. You will always be guaranteed to walk away with something you’ll love.

The cost to enter each field is usually free throughout the day, with the exception of the initial opening, which admission costs $5-10.

There is always parking available, starting at the center of town.

Brimfield has become known as the Outdoor Antiques Capital of the World.  Do not miss out on this fun opportunity!

For more information, please visit the Brimfield Antique Show

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